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Matt Keen

Matt Keen

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Matt Keen is an expert in helping leaders and their organisations create cultures that deliver exceptional results and allow individuals to thrive. He is passionate about helping leaders to understand themselves, appreciate just how differently other people see the world and understand the implications for organisational performance and employee engagement. Combining theory with powerful, real-life examples from his extensive experience in the corporate world, Matt brings together issues of leadership, communication, organisational complexity, agility, generational diversity and unconscious bias to present practical solutions that can be readily adopted in the workplace.

During his 20-year career, Matt Keen has covered roles in HR, IT consultancy, corporate banking and organisation design consulting, working in cultures as diverse as PwC, Barclays, John Lewis and Endava. This, combined with his wide range of sector experience (IT, Retail, Financial Services, Media, FMCG, Telco and Education) gives him a unique insight into the benefits of authentic leadership, cultural and cognitive diversity and the unique contribution each of us can make.

Matt is also a pioneer in the world of Agile HR. His experience of working with a visionary CEO, John Cotterell, and the Agile IT teams at Endava led to him reevaluating the role of HR and leading the implementation of a truly innovative programme to create, support and embed the necessary leadership behaviours, people processes and mindset across the business. Matt subsequently co-founded the AgileHR Meet-Up, a forum with over 1,000 members dedicated to sharing ways in which HR can adopt an Agile approach and mindset. Matt also speaks regularly about how the wider organisation and leaders can benefit from adopting an Agile mindset and experimenting with the Agile principles and ways of working to find an approach which works for their unique situation.


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Change, Communication, Culture, HR, Inclusion, Leadership, Millennial, Unconscious Bias

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