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Matt Dickinson

Matt Dickinson

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Matt Dickinson is a writer and film maker known for his award winning documentaries  for National Geographic Television, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

He has a passion for mountaineering, and is one of the very few film makers who have ever filmed on the summit of Mount Everest. The bestselling account of his ascent of Everest’s deadly North Face was published as ‘The Death Zone’ in the UK, and ‘The Other Side of Everest’ in the USA—and has become a classic of mountaineering literature.

Over the last twenty years Matt has worked with more than forty expedition teams and now he brings his experience of team dynamics in extreme conditions to the world of business with a hard hitting and thought provoking conference presentation which has been enjoyed by companies such as Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, Gillette and BP. Looking back on the teams he has filmed, and using powerful audio visual material, he asks the question: ‘What is the difference between the teams that win and the teams that fail?’.

Highlighting the successes and failures he has witnessed, Matt reveals the secrets of great teamwork- a key tool in the quest for high levels of performance. His presentation distils the vital factors that enable leaders to plan effective strategies; enhancing their ability to cope with setbacks and changing conditions. It’s about detailed planning and research, effective communication, trusting a team and giving responsibility yet also being able to measure performance and sometimes making hard decisions. Through his presentation your delegates will discover how to achieve peak performance against the odds—gain that precious magic quality that will enable them to punch through the pain barriers and reach the summit!

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Thankyou for a terrific presentation at the Frito Lay conference. Your messages were ‘on the mark’ for our group and your examples and presentational abilities ensured the points found their mark.


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