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Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont

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Mark is a record-breaking cyclist who spent 194 days and 17 hours cycling solo around the world. This epic journey took Mark 18,297 miles, beating the previous record by 82 days, cycling at a speed of 100 miles a day for over half a year.

Mark has become a household name through his documentaries about ultra-endurance and adventure. His first taste of adventure was at the age of 11 when he decided to cycle across Scotland, and he found fame aged 23 after an 18,000-mile round-the-world bike race, where he smashed the previous World Record by 82 days.  In 2015 Mark rode the length of Africa at a pace of 160 miles a day, taking 18 days off the previous best

Just 16 months after returning from his first epic trip, Mark set out on a new challenge: to cycle the length of the American Cordillera – the longest mountain range on the planet. Setting out from Anchorage in Alaska in June 2009, Mark not only cycled all the way down the spine of the Americas to Ushuaia in Argentina, but he also stopped along the way to climb the continent’s two highest peaks, Mt McKinley in Alaska and Aconcagua in Argentina.

In 2011 Mark swapped his bike for a boat and rowed 450 miles through the Canadian Arctic with a team of ocean-rowers, filming the endurance challenge for BBC Scotland. In January 2012, Mark joined a team of 5 ocean rowers in an attempt to break the world speed record for rowing across the Atlantic. Just days from achieving their goal, their boat was capsized and after spending 14 hours on life raft they were finally rescued by a cargo ship.

Mark’s story is a personal rollercoaster of mental and physical endurance as well as a fascinating insight into the world we live in. He has been highly commended for his filming for the BBC (his first documentary received a nomination for a Scottish BAFTA in 2008).

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