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Marcus Orlovsky

Marcus Orlovsky is an International TEDx speaker and host, education leader, innovator and sought-after contributor to corporate conferences. His lively and thought-provoking talks inspire audiences to reconsider what they think is impossible.

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From a complex background, Marcus Orlovsky graduated from Bristol University and qualifying with Ernst & Young, Marcus was one of the small team who raised over £3bn to transform London’s commercial centre.  From there he went on to form an organisation to change school buildings and, bidding for highly competitive public procurement projects was successful on 41 out of 46 projects with a value in excess of £5Bn.

Now continuing in his quest to transform student aspirations and achievement, and with an unparalleled success rate, he leads a foundation that advises schools on curriculum and leadership and has directly helped over 600 students from similarly disadvantaged backgrounds who have gone on in turn to reach well over 3,500 peers.

Marcus is also called upon to assist corporations on harnessing the talent within, frequently delivering insightful opening or closing keynote talks to major companies and associations throughout Europe. He advocates resilience alongside innovation and believes management should be tight enough to succeed and loose enough to allow for improvement and innovation to rise to the top. Accolades include Partnership for Schools (UK government) adviser of the year to being asked to open, speak at or host conferences: from Lucent and Google to ASCL, AIESEC and TEDx, where he hosts Vilnius and Klagenfurt and has achieved standing ovations from over 1,000 participants each time.

Throughout he has always championed the cause of making the most of what you’ve got and being the best you can at what you choose to do. Most recently he put that into practice when after having a rather serious brain haemorrhage, he delivered the opening one-hour keynote speech at the National Association of Head Teachers annual education conference some eighteen days later. Marcus has a thought-provoking and entertaining manner of delivery which stimulates ideas and discussion in audiences. From addressing 300 Yr 9 Students, 900 Googlers or 1,200 TEDxers, his sessions are relevant, practical and at the same time, far-reaching and inspiring.

Marcus, I need to tell you that you were one of the greatest ever in my life, all Googlers were extremely pleased with your performance. In CEE people would just never say brilliant to anything….and yet you were rated 4.85 [out of 5], which is unimaginable in this region. So again, you were brilliant and I’m so thankful for that and also to get to know you, it was a real pleasure.

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