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Marc Woods

After being diagnosed with cancer in his left leg, leading to amputation, Marc Woods infamously swam faster with one leg than he did with two.

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Marc Woods is one of the very few people to have competed in a staggering 5 Paralympic Games, winning a total of 12 medals, 4 of which were gold. Now retired from swimming, Marc is an immensely popular public speaker, as well as continuously setting himself new challenges. To date, he has climbed the world’s highest volcano, Cotopaxi in Ecuador, as well as completing treks in Peru and Ecuador.

Remarkably, he has also found the time to write his inspirational book, ‘Personal Best’, openly sharing his experiences in life, detailing how he dealt with them and the lessons he learned.

As a speaker, Marc covers a wide range of topics with his trademark open and honest style. He delivers an uncompromisingly clear message that motivates audiences all over the world. Weaving his inspirational story of coping with the unexpected, personal resilience, motivation and teamwork into the issues facing all organisations, Marc Woods’ life proves that focus and determination are a winning combination.

Marc has presented for a number of truly impressive clients, including NatWest, BSkyB and Deloitte to name but a few.

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Marc Woods

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