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Marc Priestley

Marc Priestley

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Marc Priestley worked as a Formula One race mechanic, member of the pit stop crew and in team management at one of the sport’s most successful organisations, McLaren Racing, for almost a decade.

He’s stood in the pit lane as cars approach at motorway speeds, stopping centimetres away, where he and his team come together in perfect synchronicity to change tyres in little more than two seconds and get it back into the race. He’s worked with an impressive and long list of drivers and a number of World Champions including Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Marc now shares his experiences and knowledge through different outlets in television, radio, online and printed media, as well as delivering talks to businesses and conferences. In one sense an F1 team is a business like any other, but it’s also different in many ways to most others and offers unique lessons in such areas as rapid productivity, marginal gains, image portrayal, data analysis and of course teamwork. Having been an integral part of these processes for so long and seen, first hand, how they impact on a company, there aren’t many people more perfectly placed, or better educated in the field, to impart these lessons.

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Coaching, Goal Setting, High Performing Teams, Leadership, Mindset, Performance, Planning & Preparation, Teamwork

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