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Lynda King Taylor

Lynda King Taylor

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Lynda King Taylor is an expert on Customer Service, Cultural Change & Brand Reputation.

Lynda originally trained as a nurse, and then studied behavioural science and psychology before working with the World Health Organisation in India & Pakistan. She joined the UK’s Industrial Society and worked in their Leadership and Industrial Relations departments where she originated the first joint supervisory/shop stewards training programme at Ford Motor Co. Her industrial relations work extended to ICI, Shell UK, plus numerous other assignments on improving motivation, staff & customer relations, much of which was covered in her early bestselling books Not for Bread Alone and A Fairer Slice of the Cake – the task ahead.

Lynda has advised major manufacturing, financial and service organisations including Texaco, BT & IBM and in the public sector particularly with the Police Service, the Army and for the NHS. Her book Quality: Total Customer Service, became the authoritative source of reference in its field and Lynda was commissioned to produce its sequel Quality: Sustaining Customer Service, which quickly became another bestseller. Her book Corporate Excellence In The Year 2000 features some of the UK’s most innovative chief executives and business leaders discussing with Lynda the criteria they regarded as being critical for future success. She outlined the future strategies of organisations such as Asda, Diageo & Hilton International as they came to terms with changing consumer, community, customer demands and diversity.

Lynda also writes for numerous journals including Association of Business Executives, Policing Today and Public Servant.

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Business, Diversity & Inclusion
Branding, Change, Consumer Behaviour, Cultural Change, Culture, Customer Service, Women in Business

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Your session was the most highly rated of our international customer symposium … we do appreciate the energy you put into your presentation. ‘Inspirational’ was a much quoted reference in the our Chairman said, ‘Great!’


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