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Linda Cruse

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HRH The Prince of Wales and Sir Richard Branson are just two of the influential figures who have supported Linda Cruse in her mission to solve the most critical social, environmental and humanitarian problems around the world.

In 1996, Linda, a stressed-out mum working in a job she hated, was driving along a motorway in the middle of the night when she suffered temporary blindness. This terrifying episode led to a blinding insight: what is the point of living if life has no point? Determined to make a difference, Linda started a new life. This was the start of a scary, lonely, but always emotionally fulfilling job teaching skills and bringing aid, and above all, love, to war-torn refugees, the poverty-stricken and the victims of disaster.

Described as a pioneer and entrepreneur, Linda is a leadership expert, inspirational speaker and successful author. Working in extreme conditions for over two decades, Linda has dedicated her life to finding creative and sustainable economic solutions that have the power to lift communities from the grip of poverty and from the depths of disaster.

A storyteller with a unique and fascinating background, Linda captivates audiences with her extraordinary frontline adventures in some of the most challenging places on earth.

Following an earlier career as a nurse, a traumatic experience led Linda to reassess her life, sell everything she owned, and fulfill her dream of becoming an international humanitarian. Since then she has rejected all worldly possessions and headed wherever her skills are needed – from the snowy Himalayas to the jungles of the Amazon. She regularly lives with little or no access to clean water, electricity, dependable food supplies, or safe shelter. ‘Home’ is living among people in the most distressed places on earth: the aftermath of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and typhoons, or working with survivors in refugee camps and war zones.

Linda’s journey is that of a single mother who tapped into her bravery to discover her real purpose and passion in life, and who has gone on to survive numerous near-death encounters that have taught her remarkable lessons about life, leadership and survival. Living and working on every continent, often in the face of extreme adversity, she has escaped from a rebel army, been held at gunpoint, caught in a landslide, survived severe hypothermia, sutured her own face and drank three-day-old urine to save a life.

Her groundbreaking approach to humanitarian uplift involves strategically engaging students and the private sector, showing that it is possible to change lives, restore hope and transform the most fractured communities with sustainable, economic uplift. She does this by providing innovative platforms for the best and brightest brains – students and business leaders – enabling them to hone their entrepreneurial and leadership skills and foster diversity and inclusion as they compete to solve critical issues. Resulting solutions are implemented in the community within days, leaving a real and lasting legacy.

Using thought-provoking insights and compelling frontline images and footage, Linda inspires and moves audiences as she shares her experience of a life lived on the edge. Listening to and engaging with Linda is a wakeup call to develop new concepts, uncover fresh ideas and discover your own purpose and passion in life.

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Quick quote Linda Cruse

“As an event organizer I have rarely heard a presenter deliver such a powerful and relevant presentation (Talent Acquisition Conference – Washington, USA 2019). Linda is an inspirational leader and her spirit and fortitude came shining through as she spoke. Having taken those present on an amazing journey, Linda immediately had a long line of people waiting to speak to her. If you want to leave your audience with a lasting and positive memory of your conference, you’ll invite Linda Cruse to join you” – Kate Wilson, Vice President Events, ERE Media

”Linda Cruse is a dynamic woman who takes audiences from laughter to tears as she relates her personal journey from a stressed out single mum to a highly successful frontline humanitarian, leadership expert and author. Hearing Linda speak about her experiences on the front lines of the world’s most critical challenges, is both humbling and inspiring. It is humbling because one cannot help but feel “I wouldn’t be brave enough to do what she does”; inspiring because one can’t help but feel “if she can do it – how can I not contribute in some way?”

An hour listening to Linda is an hour you won’t soon forget. Her stories stay with you as she shares her lessons of courage, determination, personal resilience and transformation in such a way that we can easily take the insights into our everyday lives. Linda is a tremendous inspiration, ally and resource. I have had the pleasure of working with Linda as a speaker, webinar leader and as a judge and participant on her signature Race4Good, an innovative service, learning and leadership programme for students through which she engages them in practical problem solving skills as they tackle real life critical issues and see their legacy left, as all winning plans are implemented immediately. Its truly inspirational.” – John Gwyn, Chief Executive Officer, FOBISHA


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