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Lene Gammelgaard

In 1996 Lene Gammelgaard became the first Scandinavian woman and the 35th in the world to summit Mount Everest, where she learnt some of the most important mental principles of coping and surviving in extreme conditions.

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Lene’s passion is to transform people and organisations through Human Innovation – and you are her first concern. In her 20 years of travelling all over the world as a motivational speaker, Lene has learnt that we all – no matter how accomplished we are – dream of a better life. And she has an unstoppable passion to inspire people to utilise the one life we have. As most of us must work to make a living, Lenes’ purpose is to impact mindsets in organisational settings, one brain at a time, to mobilise adaptability with a passion for coping with contemporary trends in the Global Market, Geopolitics and ongoing uncertainty due to major revolutions in the way we organize and structure work.

There’s no greater mission for Lene than to be the catalyst for leaders and individuals to develop companies to mobilise people to realise their potential and uniqueness for the overall betterment of the state of ourselves and our world. Human Innovation craves a structural transformation in the individual, the more passionate we become about what we do – and why – the more chances for success. Lene utilises the advantage of BrainProgramming and NeuroLeadership to kick-start human change for the future!

Lene delivers 3 mental principles for you, to mobilise renewed hope and ongoing fighting spirit – Leadership for Radical Times. To get to the future, you need to mobilise penetrating focus, self-responsibility and robust adaptation. When she climbed Mount Everest on May 10th 1996, Lene invented 3 universal principles to explode all limitations. For more than 20 years, thousands of engagements across the Globe and multiple adversities have proven “The Everest Way” brain programming propels you through and beyond. Lene’s action-mobilising, insightful talks for CEOs, Thought Leaders, Global Shapers, investors, employees, clients, partners and those who desire to influence our world, are all invented with a passion for transforming people and how we cope with work and life.

Lene is a brilliant, unique, outstanding choice for nearly any business and professional event or strategy session, where you want to ignite enduring momentum. Lene enlightens, energises, mobilises, awakens self-responsibility and gives a guaranteed valid return on your investment.

Lene Gammelgaard has on two occasions presented her ideas on leadership and people development to different leader groups in Lego. We find her ideas and research highly valuable in developing leaders, people and organizational culture. I therefore highly recommend Lene’s invaluable contribution.

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Lene Gammelgaard

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