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Laila Pawlak

Laila Pawlak is the Co-Founder & CEO of SingularityU Denmark and faculty member at SingularityU Nordic in Silicon Valley.

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One of Europe’s leading thinkers on innovation, disruption​​​ and responsible business.

Founder and CEO, Rehumanize Institute.

Formerly, Co-Founder & CEO of SingularityU Nordic​​​.

Author of “The Fundamental 4s: Designing Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World”​​​ and co-author of the Amazon no1 bestseller “Ethics @ Work”.

Sought-after speaker on customer experiences, corporate innovation and impact leadership.

Laila was our Keynote in our senior executives meetings. The subject was entrepreneurship. Laila was full of energy and life. She brought examples, well established models, trends, execution tips and concepts. The materials were very relevant, very to the point and kept us all alert and attentive. We enjoyed every minute of it!

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Laila Pawlak

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