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Kenneth Clarke

Kenneth Clarke

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Former Chancellor of The Exchequer and Politician Kenneth Clarke is the Conservative MP for Rushcliffe. He speaks on life and politics today, and how he sees the world changing.

Kenneth Clarke has extensive experience in government and politics spanning three decades. He has served in two of the four Great Offices of State – Chancellor and Home Secretary. Ken first entered the House of Commons in the 1970’s election as the Conservative MP for Rushcliffe, and gaining the seat from the Labour party.

During his time as the Councilor Exchequer, from 1993 to 1997, Britain recovered from a recession and was on the course for economic growth with low inflation. After a succession of appointments in and out of government, Ken was made Minister of Health in 1982, and was appointed Privy Councillor in the New Years Honours List in 1984.

The late 1980’s saw Ken rise up the political ranks. He was Secretary of State for Health from July 1988 to November 1990, when he took over as Secretary of State for Education and Science. It was on April 22nd when he landed the post of Secretary of State for the Home Office. From May 1993 Ken was Chancellor of the Exchequer until the General Election in 1997 which saw the Conservatives defeated by new Labour under Tony Blair. Ken now chairs the Conservative Party’s democracy taskforce and has various roles in the business world.

When his busy schedule allows, Ken is a popular and engaging speaker, and is ideal for giving an insight into the current and political economic climate.

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Brexit, Economics, Europe, Foreign Affairs, Global Economic Outlook

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