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Ken Segall

Ken Segall

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As Creative Director at Apple, Ken Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs, sharing his passion for simplifying products, branding and interfaces – as he demonstrates in his book Insanely Simple.

Few people have an insight into one of the world’s biggest brands, a brand he helped form, like Ken. An advertising man by trade, Ken has worked as Global Creative Director for BMW, Intel, and Dell, before joining Steve Jobs in his second spell in charge of the company. Ken helped create the Think Differently campaign, and came up with the ‘i’ (first attached to the iMac) we now affiliate with all Apple products.

Contrasting with Apple’s simplicity, Ken examines the power of questioning every decision and asking why each detail of a product or advert exists. Do consumers really need lots of the same product with slightly different functions? Do lines and lines of detail really help customers or just confuse them?

Ken is a regular voice in the media on the Apple business and creativity, and as a keynote speaker he accounts his time at Apple with with and clarity, posing the challenge to think simply in all aspects of business.

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