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Katrina Mather

Katrina Mather is the founder and driving force behind ‘The Body Toolkit Retreats’ – award-winning health retreats in the Scottish Highlands.  A columnist for Holistic Scotland Magazine and passionate health speaker as well, Katrina regularly hosts talks covering all aspects of health, promoting simple ways to nourish the body, reduce stress and ultimately help people to thrive.

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Inspired by her own health journey – overcoming anxiety, depression, acne and IBS – Katrina launched her retreat programmes in 2014 as a way of sharing what had helped her to regain her physical and mental health.  Five years on, Katrina’s award-winning retreats have welcomed people from all over the world, earned hundreds of testimonials and are consistently hailed as “life changing”.

In her workshops and talks, Katrina shares her own story, as well as other inspiring success stories from the retreats.  Her gentle approach to health, both mental and physical, offers attendees achievable, small changes that can minimise the effects of stress on the body, help prevent illness and support them to become the best version of themselves.

Previous attendees of Katrina’s seminars have reported:

–          Increased energy and concentration throughout the day

–          Improved immune system, with fewer colds and minor ailments

–          Improved mood, outlook and ability to ‘switch off’

–          Improved sleep, digestion and weight

–          A reduction in aches and pains

–          Resulting in happier, healthier and more resilient

Katrina ran a seminar for our staff as part of our Healthy Working Lives programme . Her presentation was both informative and inspirational – her genuine passion engaged every single person in the room, and left them energised and focused on making positive lifestyle changes
Katrina is a shining advert for the lifestyle she advocates – she is calm, articulate, kind and credible. The Scotsman

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Katrina Mather

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