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Get ready to experience Karl Lillrud – an extraordinary motivational powerhouse, an acclaimed visionary, and a riveting storyteller.

Recognized as the 11th best among the world’s top 30 speakers by Global Gurus, Karl is the perfect embodiment of expertise, charisma, and transformative thought. He’s your ticket to an event brimming with inspiration, innovation, and insightful takeaways.

With an expansive career that transcends 27 years, Karl has carved out a stellar reputation in a multitude of industries – e-commerce, retail, pharmaceuticals, finance, telecom, payments, SaaS, and many more. His deep-seated understanding of Artificial Intelligence, the linchpin of future technology, and its impending impact on various sectors has made him a sought-after authority in the field. When he takes to the stage, Karl weaves a captivating narrative filled with thought-provoking insights, up-to-date industry trends, and a comprehensive overview of how AI can be harnessed for business growth.

A two-time TEDx speaker and an author of eight books and several best-sellers to his credit, Karl has marked his territory in the e-commerce landscape. His prowess and forward-thinking strategies have influenced a bevy of Fortune 500 companies and high-profile brands, such as H&M, Spotify, AstraZeneca, Volvo, and more. Karl’s unique approach to dissecting customer behaviour and psychology has helped these corporations supercharge their e-commerce conversion rates and gain a competitive edge in the market.

But Karl’s contributions to the professional world extend far beyond keynote speaking and consultancy. He’s an exceptional collaborator, working closely with event organizers to create unforgettable experiences. His dedication to imparting his knowledge is further exemplified by his two books that guide readers on organizing standout speaker events.

As a speaker, Karl Lillrud is nothing short of a spectacle. He enthralls audiences with his invigorating stage presence, engaging delivery, and the ability to break down complex ideas into digestible, actionable strategies. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to educating his audience on AI’s implications on businesses, making him a much-admired figure among peers and attendees alike.

Imagine an event ignited by Karl’s electric energy, the audience engrossed in a learning experience like no other, and the stage vibrating with Karl’s infectious enthusiasm for AI and innovation. By booking Karl Lillrud as your speaker, you’re setting the stage for an enlightening, enriching, and empowering experience that will leave your attendees primed to conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Seize this opportunity to elevate your event to unprecedented heights with the power-packed presence of Karl Lillrud!

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