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Karl Burrows

Karl Burrows utilises tools from Maori culture to motivate, inspire and build teams and in doing so help people make deeper connections, build trust and embrace values leading to improved team performance.

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He shares and applies Maori cultural knowledge with its emphasis on connection to legacy, working as family or team and collective commitment to purpose – all crucial for teams in today’s fast changing business environment.

One of the unique methodologies Burrows uses is haka, the pre-match ritual made famous by the All Blacks. Burrows and his team perform haka, explain its deeper meaning and then teach actions and words to energise, build teams and connect people to values. He says: “While the methodology has specific cultural origins, I work on the premise that we all have the same capacity to draw on the energy and power that resides within and that we can share this capacity with others to enhance group power and effectiveness. I teach how to engage this energy through haka and other methods and share it with others in a unique and accessible way.”

Burrows is an experienced performer of kapa haka (haka performer), a student of tikanga Maori (Maori culture) and is passionate about sharing Maori culture with the world. He is founder and MD of HakaWorks.

Karl worked as a commercial lawyer for large corporates in the UK, including Procter and Gamble, DHL and Equifax. He has an MBA from Cranfield University in the UK

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Karl Burrows

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