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Jules White

Jules White

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Jules White has drawn on her 30 plus successful years in business and created a unique methodology which comes from her very own practical experience of dealing with the highs and lows of selling.

She knows exactly what she’s talking about; she’s written an Amazon best seller on sales, is a TEDx speaker on the subject AND she’s impressed and won investment from a top businessman on the UK business TV show Dragons’ Den.

She’s ready to help you unlearn everything you’ve been taught about selling and share HER techniques, in order to boost YOUR sales.


  • SALES…NOT AS DIRTY AS YOU THINK – Busting myths and food for thought about what sales really means today and why you have to be prepared to change. This talk helps the audience to overcome the barriers that stereotypical sales brings, and when you live and breathe human sales this becomes your key to success.
  • YOUR UHP – UNIQUE HUMAN PROPOSITION® – Understanding why the landscape of sales just got really exciting and how you can all have a unique sales framework that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Forget USP and let’s make the most of your greatest asset – your people.
  • ‘EMOTIONAL GLUE’TM – the missing link in selling – Putting HUMANITY back into sales and why everything may fall apart if you don’t add in your ‘emotional glue’. It’s time for your people to sell in their very own unique way. How would you like to combine consistency with uniqueness? – this talk inspires you that you can!

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Adversity, Communication, Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational, Management, Resilience, Sales, Teamwork, Women in Business

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