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Jonathan Stanger – Mental Health

Jonathan Stanger – Mental Health

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Jonathan Stanger is passionate about personal development, continuous learning and helping individuals, leaders and teams to be the best that they can be. His presentations focus on adapting to change, implementing change, mindset, attitude and reacting positively to setbacks. Within this Jonathan recounts the influence of several high profile people who have helped shape his career.

He is also the owner of Raise the Bar and works closely with many high profile business people, sports coaches and inspirational speakers developing performance programmes to increase both business and individual success.  Raise the Bar is now over 14 years old, has survived the recession, grown year on year and is currently considered one of the UK’s leading Training and Development & Speaker Agencies.

Jonathan has achieved this success whilst being diagnosed with depression. In his presentation, he recounts how this has affected him and how he works on a daily basis to deal with this. He is a board member of the charity CALM (Campaign against living miserably), which helps to prevent male suicide and ran the London Marathon in 2017 in support of the Heads Together Campaign.

As a teenager, Jonathan was one of England’s brightest young talents and was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson to play for Manchester United. He spent four years at Man Utd and during this time played extensively for England Youth Team under the guidance of Sir Bobby Robson. Injury curtailed his career, enabling Jonathan to study at Loughborough University, where coaching became his driving passion.

In his presentation, Jonathan shares what he has learnt from his three careers and focuses on the key aspects that he believes are fundamental to sustained success over a period of time.

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Business, Health & Wellbeing, Motivation
Change, Leadership, Mental Health, Mindset, Overcoming Adversity, Personal Development

Quick quote Jonathan Stanger – Mental Health

Very inspiring to hear somebody speak about the difficulties they have been through and acknowledge that whilst they have managed to overcome aspects of them they do still struggle and yet are moving on with their life doing positive things. It was a very moving talk. A close family member of mine is suffering from depression so it’s great hearing people talk about their own experiences and the fact that it can and does get better.

“Jonathan’s delivery of the session was fantastic.  His ability to engage with an audience really engaged everyone, and his own personal story was very relatable to many of the attendees.  It’s that personal experience that gives Jonathan’s delivery the needed authority and authenticity for such a subject as mental health awareness.  He delivered in spades, and I know the mission to help reduce & break down the stigma around mental health awareness is all the stronger for him being a part of it.”


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