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Jonathan Peach

Jonathan Peach did that usual thing of spending decades working in leadership and consultancy roles where everything was just fine. Until one day it dawned on him that ‘fine’ probably wasn’t anywhere near good enough! So he set about raising his personal bar to ‘brilliant’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

In Person

£2500 - £5000

Price based on UK delivery

Virtual Event

£2000 - £3000

He changed direction. Jonathan’s calling was always to support people in achieving their true potential. He has a passion to help people achieve their dreams and believes that the only person stopping them from doing this is themselves.

He now spends most of his time partnering individuals, teams, teenagers, teachers, sportsmen and women, using a mix of coaching, training, NLP and facilitation. In short, he rids people of limiting beliefs and helps people get out of their own way!

Jonathan is a learning junkie with an office full of books. His collection continues to grow because he keeps getting introduced to new ones that he must read. He was about to extend his office to accommodate the new books when the kids bought him a Kindle. Genius!

Jonathan has two kids. One of his daughters thinks his voice changes when he coaches her and is often heard saying, “Dad, you’re using that coaching voice again. Stop it immediately!”

It was an excellent day and the members I’ve spoken to were all really impressed with the day. Jon delivered a fantastic session and I know it will inform many changes to our personal and professional practice. I will definitely bear you in mind for future meetings and will be recommending you to my colleagues in other branches

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Jonathan Peach

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