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Jim Rees

Jim Rees is an accomplished athlete, executive coach and author. His professional career has been focused on emotional intelligence and leadership development.

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Jim provides a look into the mind of the athlete while he takes on the challenges of the world’s toughest endurance race.

The Race Across America (RAAM) is a 5000-kilometer non-stop bicycle race coast-to-coast across the USA. Participants and their support crews come from all over the world to participate. In nearly four decades there have been only 347 official solo finishers, more people summit Everest every year! Rees has finished Solo RAAM three consecutive times, each time improving his performance.

Through his sporting and professional career, Jim has witnessed the transformation of perceived impossibilities into tangible achievements. This experience has cemented his belief that most of us have yet to unlock our full potential, whether we’re on the tennis court or in the boardroom. He uses his profound mindset model The ABC of Success A=Awareness B=Beliefs C=Commitment and blends that into the clients desired outcomes for their conference. Jim also shares his “Fingerprint metaphor” which creates awareness about the fingerprint we leave in every interaction, every conversation with others.

On a personal level, Jim possesses an extraordinary ability to help individuals reach their core. With their consent, he collaborates to uncover limiting beliefs that may be obstructing them from reaching their maximum potential in every aspect of their lives. His sessions are profound and thought-provoking, mirroring his core philosophy that everyone is built for greatness.

Jim worked with my senior leadership team over a number of years in individual and group settings. His unique ability to unpack our beliefs and create a self awareness of who we are, what we stand for and how we will show up as leaders, as individuals and as a team is quite remarkable. Ian Eggs | Former Vice President EMEA OCD J&J
Really enjoyed the event and felt it was a great way of making you look at things in a different way. Will definitely take the ideas and thinking into my everyday life. Victoria Slater | Citi

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Jim Rees

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