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Jason Butler

Jason Butler

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One of the UK’s most experienced and well-qualified financial wellbeing experts, who combines academic research with world experience.

Jason Butler is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute for Securities & Investment and a Chartered Financial Planner. He had a 25 year career as a financial adviser to wealthy UK-based families, until he became semi retired at the age of 46.

He is the author of editions 1 (2011) & 2 (2014) of The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management; Squeezing the Orange: Simple ways ways to live a full life; Money Moments: Simple steps to financial well-being; and co-author of Essential Personal Finance: A practical guide for students (2017) and employees (2020).

Jason has been a personal finance columnist for the Financial Times since 2015 and Head of Financial Education at Salary Finance since 2018. He deliver’s live keynotes and webinars on financial wellbeing to employees of some of the largest UK employers including Tesco, Mitie, BT, NHS Trusts and local authorities.

He drew on his own childhood experiences of growing up in a poor single parent household in the tough 1970s and the 1990s property crash and his slide into debt, together with thousands of interviews with people about their money, to craft emotionally engaging and high impact insights that help people develop a better relationship with money.

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Jason took what may be perceived as a dry topic and made it engaging, interactive fun and simple, whilst providing some insight and advice on our relationships with money.

Boost Drinks Limited

Jason delivered a keynote on Financial health at our recent Wellbeing Retreat and I noticed the level of engagement he was able to build with the audience in a short amount of time.

His use of personal experiences, which he weaves into the content, helps to destigmatize talking about finances and he does this in an entertaining way. He breaks the subject of personal finances down into small manageable subjects, focussed on steps people can take to feel in control of their money.

The audience was really interested in the topics and left the session thinking about the right steps for them. The interaction using live polls followed by questions and answers really brought the topic to life and in particular made this a stand out session in terms of audience interaction.

John Lewis Partnership


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