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Jane Viljoen

Jane Viljoen is a Multi Award Winning Corporate Psychologist who specialises in the field of developing emotional intelligence, coaching & mentoring, communication, leadership, increasing personal impact and maximising human potential

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As the founder of Best Hopes Coaching and Consulting, she supports organisations with team and leadership development programmes and leverages a combination of neuroscience and positive psychology for improved self-management, communication, and engagement. As well as speaking at conferences and events, she works with teams and delivers 1-1 coaching for clients across the world.

Jane has worked with clients such as BAE, Boehringer Ingelheim, NHS, DWP, OFGEM, Zurich, ICAP, CAPITA, HGF and countless SME’s and start ups and she is respected as a practitioner psychologist, bringing the science of human behaviour into relatable content for a range of audiences. She has been a Psychologist for 18 years and has founded 3 successful consultancies as well as partnering with multiple entrepreneurs to set up and deliver business solutions with a psychological twist.

Most recently she founded the Exducis Code, an immersive leadership retreat serving executive leaders who are curious about ‘what else’. Jane brings the science of human behaviour ‘to life’ and enables individuals and organisations to consider how they can positively influence behaviour change, their own, and others.

Some companies need help engaging their own employees, others face the challenge of influencing buying behaviour. Insights into what motivates and engages people vs what creates disconnect and apathy is critical in navigating a post-pandemic era where consumers and employees are more discerning than ever before! She focuses on enabling others to thrive and reach their potential and with a foot in the world of business and the other firmly standing in science-based development, she is well placed to help people see the world through a different lens. Jane is experienced in team facilitation, keynote delivery, workshop hosting and facilitation, conference breakout facilitation and recording video/podcast interviews.

Emotional Intelligence 
Jane talks about EQ vs IQ in the context of business leadership and being an all rounded, self-managed logical agent of change! Keynotes focus on the measurement of EQ, what our level of EI tells us and the practical development strategies that can offset some of the most common development areas. Relatable, plain-speaking content enables the audience to trigger some lightbulb moments and go away some quick wins to help them develop their own emotional intelligence and raise their personal impact, gravitas, and influence.

The power of coaching cannot be underestimated for raising personal impact and business strategy delivery. These Keynotes inspire the audience to leverage coaching models and a wide range of techniques from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to get the very best out of the people around them. Jane demonstrates the power of coaching through interactive activities and demonstrates coaching impact through questioning and reframing techniques. She focused the audience’s attention on their own opportunities to coach and illustrates the impact and structure of internal coaching and mentoring programmes.

Keynotes focused on conscious leadership, exploring how senior and middle leaders can harness skills such as, active and authentic listening, power questioning, conflict management and open conversations to strengthen their leadership impact. Jane shares strategies and tips for leaders to expertly meet their team where they are and to lead them to the next level. She talks about reducing resistance, dissolving defensiveness, and creating a clarity of purpose and interaction in teams from board to emerging leaders.

Effective Communication 
Keynotes focused on effective interpersonal communication utilising Conversational Intelligence which is all about the neuroscience of trust building through conversation. Jane is one of only a handful of psychologists in the world qualified to use this approach and content. Other themes include influence, confident speaking, how to have courageous conversations and. These presentations take people out of their comfort zone but also empower them to think and act more confidently when communicating.

“I would like to provide my recommendations for Jane as a professional and engaging speaker for conferences and events that she may be asked to participate in. She engages audiences in a number of ways through her experience and knowledge of the subject matter, her use of inspirational stories, tools and techniques to help audiences understand in way that helps knowledge stick. Jane is a true professional that ensures that she is extremely well prepared to manage and deal expertly with any questions or challenges the participants may have and does this in a very engaging manner. I have worked professionally with Jane for over 6 years and fortunate to have found someone as versatile and capable regardless of what she is asked to do.  Recently she was asked to participate in Ofgem’s onsite annual people conference to present ‘The Power of Coaching’ which was an hour long stage session. Feedback was extremely positive with many colleagues keen to engage with her more fully after the conference.” Marion Martin, Head of Learning & Organisational Development, Ofgem

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