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Jamie Edwards

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Jamie is ‘The Purpose Maker’ who built an $800m business by using Purpose to motivate his teams to ‘GO ALL IN’. He now shows leaders at all levels how to ignite passion, peak-performance and growth in themselves and those they lead, by putting purpose at the heart of what they do. A speaker, innovator and thought leader he is the Founder of Purpose Republic, ‘The strategic Purpose Company’.

Whether you lead a team of 2 or 2,000, these inspiring and insightful keynotes show leaders the three powerful ‘Multipliers’ that neuroscience and evidence show inspires employees and teams to GO ALL IN and deliver peak-performance.

Jamie’s purpose is to ‘Ignite authentic brilliance in leaders to help create a world worth working in’. During his career he has advised many of the world’s most iconic brands including Starbucks, P&G, Disney, BMW, Diageo, Audi, and Mars Wrigley. An experienced CEO and a I.C.F and C.T.I certified professional leadership coach, Jamie holds a 1st Class Honours Degree and is a Harvard Business School Alumni. He has run businesses in the UK, New York, Toronto and Globally.


CHIEF MEANING OFFICER: How to be the leader everyone wants to work for!

We all want to be the leader everyone wants to work for! To do so, you need to think of yourself as the ‘Chief Meaning Officer’ so employees want to work, or love to work, not just have to work for you. How do you do it? What simple, powerful actions can you take to create meaning, motivation and growth in those you lead? This keynote shows you three ‘Multipliers’ you can apply quickly to make it happen.

THE PROFIT PARADOX: Why ‘meaning’ not money motivates teams to GO ALL IN!

There is a Paradox at the heart of business: the belief that focusing on profit maximisation actually maximises profit! Evidence and experience tell a different story! Why? Over ¾’s of employees at work simply aren’t engaged, motivated and simply don’t want to be there (Gallup). In organisations where leaders focus on purpose and employees, as much as profit, employees are up to 100% more satisfied, 3X more engaged, and up to 5X more loyal, delivering share price returns of up to 14X the market average! This keynote shows how it’s done.

THE TRUST ADVANTAGE: How to build trust and loyalty in three easy steps

There has been a catastrophic collapse in trust in the world across Politics, the Media, Charity, The Church and in Business. As a leader, your employees are now more likely to trust their hairdresser or barber than they are to trust you! (Gallup). So how can leaders build trust, retain it or rebuild it after it’s broken? Building a high trust culture is set to become a significant competitive advantage and keynote shows the ‘Trust Triggers’ leaders can use to build it.


  • Purpose Fuelled Leadership Purpose Driven Business
  • Authentic Leadership Employee Engagement
  • Building High Trust Culture
  • Motivating Millennial & Gen Z employees s

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