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Jamie Clarke

Professional and Olympic-level Performance Coach, expedition leader, business builder and master motivator.

In Person

£25000 - £30000

Price based on UK delivery

Virtual Event

£12000 - £15000

Jamie Clarke works with elite teams who win: Olympic teams, NHL teams, sales teams, leadership teams, and start-up teams. What connects them all is pressure.  With his own hard-won philosophy of decision-making in extremes— and a storytelling technique that can take you from laughter to tears in minutes — Jamie recharges audiences with fresh perspectives on success and failure, and risk vs. reward.

Creative, humorous, passionate, and on-point, Jamie walks you through his successful planning process for expeditions and business. Essential tips on risk assessment. Check. How to listen for cracks in the ice — and your team. Check. Weathering storms, literal and metaphorical. Check and check.

Through heart-stopping challenges, Jamie has reached the peak of his profession as climber and expedition leader.  After failing twice, Jamie regrouped to reach Mt. Everest’s death-zone summit, twice. He’s trekked 1,000 miles across the most inhospitable desert on the planet and is one of the few alpinists to reach the “Seven Summits” – the highest peak on each continent.

As a successful entrepreneur, Jamie learned many business lessons the hard way as the CEO of an e-commerce retail start-up.

His high-energy programs takes you to dangerous places, both real and imagined. He’ll guide you to the edge and bring you back safely. You’ll learn that the highs and the lows are both great teachers.

While not on the road speaking or trekking in the Canadian Rockies, Jamie is an Adjunct professor at the University of Calgary where he teaches and mentors in the Centre for Advanced Leadership.

Jamie was great! I think with such a large group, it is hard to find someone who speaks to everyone’s style and needs. Jamie delivered the message we were hoping for, and he was great to work with! IRONCLAD | February 2023
Jamie Clarke was outstanding. I would highly recommend him. He’s exactly what our team needed and his style and approach resonated with our leadership team in so many ways. Hope our paths cross with Jamie again in the future. Newport Hospital | April 2022  
Jamie Clarke is one of the most naturally gifted/talented speakers I have seen. Our entire group loved hearing from him. He was funny, passionate, heartfelt, overall incredible and really helped make our time in Canada memorable. Thank you very much for the recommendation. Mechanical Contractors Association of America | July 2022

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Jamie Clarke

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