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Isaac Kenyon

Isaac Kenyon

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Isaac is a leader in the unique triad of outdoor adventure, sustainability and mental health and is one of the youngest endurance world-record-breaking eco-adventurers, international keynote speakers and team-building experts in the world.

Isaac is also a gifted science communicator, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London and the Geological Society of London and a trustee chair for Mind mental health charity. Isaac is a sustainability leader and is a CEO and co-founder of Climate Explorers a community interest company with a mission to inspire action through sharing climate solutions.

As an under 30, Isaac is one of the youngest international keynote speakers in the world which makes him very relatable to early career starters in companies. Isaac is different in that he is actively doing the experiences he talks about rather than a “has been” and holds many world records in endurance adventure sports which in the outdoor industry is rare by such an age.

Isaac’s dominant speaking topic is building a high-performing team which focuses on relationship building, communication, finding a team’s common goal, 5 fundamentals to preparation, resilience built through adversity and adapting to change (good and bad). Most adventurers you will hear about are solo, Isaac not only assembles teams to overcome adverse challenges in the most extreme environments but also works with teams to fully fund the expeditions from sponsorship and overfund for charity.

Isaac can share this expertise in a unique way that many people can’t through adventures he has team led.

Isaac also covers mental health topics, specifically in improving productivity through a mental health-focused culture. Isaac has lived experience with mental health and shares heart-warming
compelling personal stories of overcoming mental health battles. Isaac’s experience as a trustee for MIND mental health charity and general education (degree in mental health awareness and
training in mental health peer support and mental health first aid) is also very educational for audiences.

Isaac has used a TED talk to share how nature-based activities and regular exercise are vital for good mental health and strives to create a platform which encourages a healthy lifestyle balance by reconnecting with nature and learning through the challenge.

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I had the pleasure of hearing Isaac recount his experience in different forums, to different audiences. He was part of a team that spoke with our management and staff and also members of Swiss Re’s management, and each time he connected with the audience leaving them inspired and desirous of challenging themselves. Isaac is full of energy and passion and cares about humanity. All of this comes through in his actions and presentations. It was a pleasure both to see and hear Isaac present as well as share the stage with him. He is very engaging, articulate and entertaining.

Kyria Ali -Chief Strategy & Development Officer, M&A Officer – Nagico Group

I invited Isaac to come to talk to my team at a team building/thought leadership event we were running internally, to inspire the team and challenge their thinking. The talk delivered was exceptional and was thoroughly enjoyed by the team, who found Isaac’s stories to be remarkable.

As a high-performance team, this galvanised our efforts and captured our imaginations, with real impact on our offerings and service to our clients. I cannot recommend Isaac highly enough and look forward to inviting him to speak again at future events.

Thomas Rowson – Head of Events at Footprint Digital


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