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Holger Lietz

Called the ‘Fighter Pilot of Business’, Holger Lietz has 20 years of experience in top management positions, applying knowledge from the dynamic arena of aviation to the fast-paced world of business.

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Holger started his career training to be a jet pilot, as an officer in the German Air Force. This was followed by senior management positions in numerous top companies, including Procter & Gamble, Ravensburger and American Express. He has also helped the internet start-up (now Monster Inc.) become a European market leader. In addition, Holger is also a lecturer at two European Universities.

The “Fighter Pilot of Business”, Holger directly applies his experience and methods from the complex world of military aviation to the requirements of managers in today’s complex and dynamic business world. For Lietz, his focus is the same as both fighter pilot and manager –optimal efficiency; that is the key to achieving your objectives.

Holger is a thought-provoking keynote speaker who never fails to gain and maintain the attention of his audience. He does this using a clear and straightforward presentation style. His keynotes inspire, using examples comparable to ‘precision landings’, with how they apply to business as well as to the world of military aviation. Moreover, the methods and techniques Lietz discusses are all things you can take away and implement immediately. This is what makes his key-notes such a valuable and lasting experience.

Get in. Strap in. Full throttle. Lift off. A racy keynote with important stimuli for the decision-making ability of our management and our business.

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Holger Lietz

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