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Heidi Loughlin

Diagnosed with the rarest and most aggressive form of breast cancer while 13 weeks pregnant, Heidi had a horrendous decision to make…. ‘Life -saving treatment for me or life for my baby.’ To receive life-saving treatment Heidi couldn’t be pregnant but to her, this was her third child and she was prepared to take the ultimate risk.

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Heidi declined treatment to protect her little girl but was all to aware of the little boys that she had at home that needed their mum.

As an ex Metropolitan Police officer that worked on the gangs and public order unit, Heidi was built of strong stuff and used her extremely dark humour and resilience to pull her forwards. The unimaginable happened when her daughter died, and Heidi discovered her cancer couldn’t be cured. But Heidi’s unwillingness to give up has seen her surpass many milestones deemed unlikely by Drs and has been able to share her story with strength, positivity and the ever-apparent humour that sometimes leaves audiences with whiplash.

Heidi has garnered a world-wide following through her blog ‘Storm in a tit Cup’ which has over a million hits due to its shockingly honest account of living with cancer, grieving for her daughter but navigating life by pushing herself. Heidi’s story has appeared multiple times in the media where she has been repeatedly asked to explain how she manages to have such a positive approach to live given what she has endured and continues to endure. Heidi would never describe herself as a victim or sufferer of cancer. She lives remarkably well on chemotherapy by pushing to the outer limits of lives experiences. To meet Heidi, you would never know that she was ill. In fact, she would say she’s fitter, stronger and happier than most people that just have a cold.

Heidi takes audiences through her diagnosis, the loss of baby Ally, the stage 4 label and her approach to taking control. She mixes this with everyday humorous anecdotes of life with cancer whilst raising a young family and tells some mind-boggling stories about her time in the police force. Audiences leave inspired, energised and with a little less fear of the things we all dread. Heid’s mantra is ‘take control of the things you can and let go of the things you can’t.’


We absolutely loved having Heidi speak at the Women in Protection Awards. Her honesty and humour captured the audience and everyone was in awe of her positivity.

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Heidi Loughlin

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