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Graham Davies

Former criminal barrister, Graham Davies, has become the go-to expert in the UK for senior executives, politicians and celebrities in presenting under pressure. Graham is an entertainingly topical, high impact after dinner, keynote speaker and coach who captivates audiences at events all over the world.

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Graham’s keynote is based on the belief that presentation is the hardest of all soft skills. It is designed to be an entertaining and challenging overview, providing key takeaways that audience members can put into action immediately. Detailed client research and briefing ensures that the content is tailored to fit in with the theme of the event, using business and political examples from both sides of the Atlantic.

Graham has formed his own inimitable After Dinner speaking style, blending corporate finesse with sharp topical wit, and was described by the Mail on Sunday as “one of the funniest people in the UK”. He gives insight on how companies and individuals can communicate more effectively and can inject focus, continuity and humour into any event. Graham is skilled at maintaining the momentum of awards whilst injecting his own brand of corporate comedy.

Graham also holds presentation coaching sessions and workshops and, unlike other coaches, he has huge experience in turning your draft text into hard-hitting, memorable speeches. He ensures that companies and individuals deliver impactful messages and provides a robust and repeatable methodology that can be used in every conceivable presentational situation.

His book, The Presentation Coach, is the most successful title on its topic ever published in the UK, making him a leading choice as a political speech-analyst for the BBC, CNN and Sky News.

Your speech was probably the highlight of our two days and was very much in keeping with the theme of ‘togetherness’ as we bring four businesses into a single united company.

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Graham Davies

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