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Duncan Stevens

Duncan Stevens is an Exciting International Keynote Speaker, Author of ‘Effective Influence’ & Founder of The Influence Association.

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£6000 - £13000

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Global business leaders have labelled Duncan as one of the most exciting and inspiring influence, high performance leadership and collaboration conference speakers today.

Ultimately, Duncan is a leadership and influence coach and keynote speaker with a background in behavioural psychology who spends his time working with brands, companies, teams and leaders to help people cultivate a mindset for success.

He helps teams and leaders create new opportunities through new perspectives by inspiring them to build on their current skillset or unlock skills that currently lay dormant. Doing so, allows them to create new perspectives to enable them to use these skills differently to impact their teams positively.

He is the author of the best-selling book, Effective Influence, founder of the Influence Association, entrepreneur and professional mentalist with a proven track record of helping organizations master the art of influence and effective leadership and guides them to work more collaboratively to make a greater positive impact on their organisation.

Having held senior leadership roles in some of the UK’s most recognizable brands, and spent a period of his life as an Officer in the British Royal Navy and as an entrepreneur and professional mentalist, Duncan blends entertainment, motivation and education to inspire your team by providing real depth of content and context in equal measure. With a deep understanding of behavioural psychology, the insights shared in Duncan’s Effective Influence Model and One Question Leadership keynote are in use in global companies around the world today.

Duncan’s most popular keynotes include the following and are all tailored to your organisation using your language to add real context to the message:

  • With New Perspectives, Comes New Possibilities For High-Performance Leaders” Making good leaders great with a keynote full of powerful principles, insights and actionable takeaways that you can apply and employ immediately to make big impact on yourself & others.
  • The ‘Magic’ Of Collaboration” How collaboration can future-proof your organisation and bring about transformational change for the better.
  • Mastering Effective Influence” How brilliant teams and leaders leverage effective influence to build and maintain more authentic long-term relationships and hear yes more often.
  • Unlocking The Meta-skill Of 21st Century: Self-awareness” Helping teams and leaders unlock one of the most powerful skills in the 21st century – that of self-awareness.
Truly inspiring keynote from Duncan on Maximising your Influence at this year’s SF&D Conference! He closed the event beautifully, giving all food for thought. Besides being taught so many interesting and practical new concepts, at the end of a mentalist experiment we were all asking ourselves: how did he do that?! A remarkable ability to captivate a diverse audience while delivering key, insightful messages on leadership and how to increase influence and effectiveness. Ramona Branza | Head of Food and Drink Industry Growth at The Scottish Government
Duncan literally blew our minds! He went above and beyond and I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker. However what Duncan brought to the table went way beyond just providing a quality keynote speech, he fully integrated himself into our meetings, participating and adding value way beyond what we paid him for. He took a genuine interest in our business and our people, and yes his mentality energizers are unbelievable, three months later we still talk about them. If you are looking to create a buzz at your sales conference, hire Duncan, you will get this and much much more. Patch Bennett | Global Sales Manager CHM Heli-Skiing and Summer Adventures

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Duncan Stevens

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