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Dr Paul Redmond

Dr Paul Redmond, author, keynote speaker, employment guru, is one of the UK’s leading experts on generational change and the future of work.

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As an in-demand speaker, each year Paul presents at numerous conferences and events around the world, helping organisations and professionals acquire the skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s multi-generational workplace.

Paul writes regularly for national newspapers and other publications and is a frequent guest on radio and TV programmes, appearing regularly on the BBC and independent current affairs shows.

Currently the Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool, Paul has held visiting lectureships at various leading universities and has been responsible for guiding the careers of thousands of students and graduates. Paul’s research into ‘Generation Z,’ the post-Covid world of work, the rise of ‘Zombie Jobs’ (the theme of his recent TED talk), techniques for building excellent inter-generational communications, and ‘Helicopter Parents’ has garnered him praise and respect from a range of national and international organisations.

Paul is the author of numerous books, reports and studies, including the best-selling ‘The Graduate Jobs Formula,’ and the highly popular diary column for the UK’s Institute of Student Employers’ magazine. Paul is currently working on his new book, ‘The Rise of the Zombie Jobs’ – which will reveal, for the first time, those jobs and careers that are most likely to be lost to AI and robotics – and those that (for now) are likely to be safe.

In recognition of his writing and research, Paul was awarded a Fellowship of the British Royal Society of Arts.

Paul’s keynote topics include:

  • Generations at Work – managing and motivating a multi-generational workplace.
  • Mind the Gap: how to recruit, retain and motivate Millennials and Generation Z.
  • Harnessing the lessons of Covid to build high-performance, multi-generational teams
  • How Generational Science can help target and engage key customer groups
  • Employability and the rise of ‘Zombie’ jobs: how to stay not just employed, but employable
  • The New World of Worry: how a focus on wellbeing can you help tackle post-Covid anxiety in the workforce
  • Graduate Recruitment: recruitment advice for the 21st century



Paul had the audience completely hooked from the moment he started speaking – he definitely struck a chord. I’ve heard him speak three times now and have been hugely impressed.

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Dr Paul Redmond

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