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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

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Strategic futurist Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a.k.a. The Digital Speaker, inspires with insights on AI, blockchain & the metaverse.

The Digital Speaker is a strategic futurist and international keynote speaker. He captivates audiences with insights on AI, blockchain, the metaverse, and emerging technologies, empowering organisations to innovate and thrive in the digital age. Book him for your next event.

A Trailblazing Strategic Futurist and Keynote Speaker
Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, renowned as The Digital Speaker, is a trailblazing strategic futurist and highly sought-after international keynote speaker. His unique ability to simplify intricate concepts and captivate audiences has inspired and enlightened over 100,000 managers, directors, and C-level executives across more than 25 countries on all continents. In 2023, he was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional and Global Speaking Fellow accreditations.

Expert Advisor on AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse
With a deep understanding of (generative) AI, blockchain, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies, Dr Van Rijmenam is the trusted advisor to leading companies and governments seeking to innovate and thrive in the digital age.

Academic and Professional Background
Dr Van Rijmenam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, a Master of Science in Marketing Management, and a PhD in Management from the University of Technology Sydney. His research focuses on how organisations should navigate big data analytics, blockchain, and AI. He is a respected voice in the technology community and a member of the Professional Speaker Australia association and the Global Speakers Federation.

Dynamic Presentations and Corporate Education
As a distinguished 5-time author and corporate educator, Dr Van Rijmenam is celebrated for his candid, independent, and balanced insights. His engaging and thought-provoking presentations, webinars, workshops, and podcasts empower audiences to embrace the future and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

Electrifying Keynote Speeches on the Future of Work
In his keynote speeches, Dr Van Rijmenam explores the future of work, the role of the metaverse, generative AI, such as ChatGPT, and the importance of data-driven customer-centricity. He emphasises the need for ethical applications of technology and helps organisations build trust while leveraging data for growth and innovation.

Tailor-made Boardroom Sessions for C-Level Executives
Dr Van Rijmenam’s boardroom sessions are tailored for C-level executives, providing a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation, emerging trends, and how organisations can gain a competitive edge. Through interactive sessions, he guides decision-makers in navigating the world of emerging technologies and preparing their organisations for the mainstream adoption of AI, the metaverse, and future digital technologies.

Insightful Newsletter and Digital Futures Advocacy
As the publisher of the ‘f(x) = e^x’ newsletter, read by thousands of executives, Dr Van Rijmenam keeps his audience informed about the future of work and the organisation of tomorrow. He is also the founder of the Futurwise Institute, focusing on elevating global digital awareness to ensure a responsible and thriving digital future for all.

Adventurous Spirit and Unparalleled Expertise
Dr Van Rijmenam’s adventurous spirit is showcased through his 2011 charity cycling adventure around Australia, covering 14,122 km in 100 days to raise €25,000 for a children’s cancer foundation. This experience has instilled in him the values of perseverance, focus, discipline, and a positive mindset – qualities he brings to his work as a strategic futurist.

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Business, Digital, Inspiration
Artificial Intelligence, Creative Thinking, Cultural Change, Data, Ethics, Future Trends, Innovation, Interne Marketing, Privacy Online, Strategy, Technology

Quick quote Dr Mark van Rijmenam

“Really enjoyed hosting Mark as a fascinating guest speaker at our internal LIFT Academy talk on the metaverse, as part of our Frontier Tech Trilogy. Mark shared great examples of how the metaverse will affect our people our work and and our clients. He managed to explain an abstract concept in a thought-provoking way, inspiring us how to think differently when it comes to the next iteration of the internet. ”

Alicia Hardy | Director of Professional Support White & Case

“Mark was our keynote speaker at a recent Dealer Tire Enterprise Data Analytics Summit. His presentation was highly relevant and very inspirational. He incorporated many examples throughout his talk and tied them directly back to our business. Perfect pace, excellent delivery, great content. I would highly recommend Mark as a speaker, particularly for anything related to cutting-edge tech strategy. ”

Chris Fuss | Partner, Chief Technology Officer – Dealer Tire


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