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Dr Lynda Shaw

Dr Lynda Shaw is an experienced entrepreneur, having owned 3 businesses. She holds a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience, specialising in unconscious processing of emotion and behavioural change.

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She is an author, a professional speaker, mentor and works with senior leaders and their teams in STEM industries to communicate ideas.

This enables better business relationships, funding and investment opportunities, and spreading their genius to the outside world, something we badly need.

She is Past President of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I and is the founder of Brain & Behaviour Ltd., the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme and the Learning Lab, designed to help professional people use applied neuroscience successfully in their work. Lynda is always informative, fun and extremely practical.

Lynda, the engagement during your session was fantastic! I managed to pick up a few tips on really getting the audience involved/engaged, it worked on many levels. Tony Stranack | Chief Technologist UKI & MESA | Adobe
Thank you so much for your very rewarding, compelling, interesting, warm and funny presentation. It was a real success! – Conference Organiser | Lloyds Bank

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Dr Lynda Shaw

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