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Dr Kate Allatt

After Dinner, Webinar, TEDx & Keynote Speaker. The ultimate ‘Ronseal Kid’ with an extraordinary journey of resilience after being ‘buried alive’ and losing everything both physically, professionally and emotionally, but Kate adapted and bounced back stronger and faster, as your team will after COVID. She will literally blow your mind! Kate walks her talk.

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Dr Kate Allatt is a funny, mind-blowing TEDx female motivational and inspirational health, wellbeing, resiliency, schools and performance keynote, conference and after dinner speaker. She is an internationally published author, global charity founder and advocate and thriver after her ‘buried alive’ illness at 39 – Locked In Syndrome.


Dr Kate came out of a medically induced coma and was considered vegetative. She could feel, think, hear and see completely normally but was unable to move a muscle. (As seen on BBC Jeremy Vine, ITV This Morning, BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Women’s Hour, Newsnight, Loose Women, BBC Worldwide, India, South Africa,USA, South America etc) 

Dr Kate’s speeches focus on practical personal wellbeing and resiliency for staff but so much more. 

She astonishingly recovered from the very rare condition, Locked In Syndrome, after her brainstem stroke at the age of 39 when doctors wanted to turn off her life support. At that time she had a very young family, ran 70 miles a week and had a successful marketing business.

Imagine being able to think, feel, see and hear everything yet not be able to move a single muscle below your eyelids for months? Her internationally published book ‘Running Free: Breaking out of Locked In Syndrome’ 2011,was on the book shelves, just 8 months after walking out of hospital. She has many worldwide media appearances after her interview with Jeremy Vine was
syndicated around the worlds media.

She thought Lockdown would be a walk in the park after she had unexpectedly flourished from being locked inside her own body for months in 2010.  She lost everything again. Her business, her marriage and purpose.

But then she discovered that her locked in syndrome coping strategies needed to be deployed again and with great success!

Dr Kate Allatt speaks on the following topics:
* Team Resiliency
* Building agile organisations
* Workplace wellbeing
* How to lead workplace wellbeing
* How to lead compassionately
* Growth mindset
* Women in enterprise
* Motivating Teams
* Managing anxiety
* The role of health professionals in sexuality and disability conversations

Kate was remarkable and had over 1,000 GPs and students spellbound – I anticipate her rating as one of the highest of conference, and you know that the standard is excellent generally. I can also recommend her book ‘Running Free’.
Kate has given several inspirational talks to allied health professions face to face and on webinar formats. Her story and insights provide health professionals a focus on their core skills inrelation to giving excellent client care. She reminds us of why we do what we do and what the most important elements of our work are. These core values are easy to miss in today’s fast paced and pressured health and social care sectors, so Kate’s words are a welcome relief and reminder of what really matters.
Kate is an amazing person whose courage and resilience is remarkable. Her personal story is inspirational and her work with individuals and teams has a deep and lasting beneficial impact.
Attended a workshop by Kate at a recent conference. She enthralled her audience with not only her incredible journey but also by sharing tools to help people with their journey. A high impact speaker who is definitely someone I’d recommend.
Wonderfully inspirational speaker, with an incredible story and attitude to life. I’ve been subjected to many “motivational speakers” over the years, and few of them actually are! Dr Kate speaks with humour, compassion and understanding of the human condition (and brought me to tears). Thought provoking and insightful, I would never pass the opportunity to hear her speak. Highly recommend.
Authentic, honest and challenging! If you are looking for an inspirational speaker with these ingredients Kate will not disappoint. Fabulous event at Boots HQ today.
Kate was a profoundly meaningful speaker with the most extraordinary story to tell. She deserves a very wide audience. Her ability to engage, explain and explore what are deeply difficult issues makes her a wonderful speaker.
Kate, it has been a pleasure working with you! Your insight into life post stroke has been invaluable. Your determination and drive is admirable and you have the meanest sense of humour when delivery your thought provoking speeches.
I have seen Dr Kate speak at events a couple of times and she always leaves me wanting more! Her story is astounding but I find her resilience, courage and humour in dealing with adversity truly humbling. Her message is a salutary warning for people who think they are ok to burn the candle at both ends, not listen to their bodies when they clearly have had enough or work through burnout because they can still function. Kate should be compulsory watching for the nursing and caring profession too. Her wisdom is priceless.

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