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Dr Frank Dick OBE

Dr Frank Dick OBE

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As one of the country’s best and most consistently inspiring motivational speakers, Frank is riding high on the outstanding results from his position as High-Performance Director at SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) where he was the consultant to South Africa’s top coaches and athletes at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics.  RSA achieved 10 medals with 2 Gold, 6 Silver & 2 bronze. Four of those medals were won in athletics, Franks area of expertise.  

In 2016 Frank was invited by Eddie Jones to undertake a challenging position in the UK as strategic planning consultant the England Rugby Leadership Team in preparation for Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan.

He is President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, which designs and delivers coaches support and development services across Europe and produces the annual International Festival of Athletics Coaching (IFAC).  He is also chair of World Athletics, Global Athletics Coaches Academy which leads education, regulation, support and representation for the World Athletics Coaching Community.

From 1979 to 1994 he was the British Athletics Federation’s Director of Coaching, where he was widely acknowledged as and remains one of the outstanding sports coaches and coach mentors in the world.  In this position Frank led the British Athletics team into its “golden era” with Olympic gold medallists such as Daley Thompson, Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe. Frank personally trained Daley Thompson and created training programmes for individuals such as Gerhard Berger, Katarina Witt, Boris Becker and Justin Rose.

With a history of sporting excellence he has, over the past 25 years of speaking to hundreds of companies both in the UK and around the world, recognised key areas of personal and professional development that, once taken out of a “training room” mentality and put into a different context, can lead to individual and team progress simply by giving a different perspective.

His expertise derives from years of detailed research into individual success and achievement. Frank combines this wealth of knowledge and experience into an informative and motivational approach to achieving long-lasting transformation of both individual and team performance.

Frank is the author of four major publications: ‘Winning Matters’, ‘Sports Training Principles’, ‘Winning’ and ‘Winning Lines’, all classics in their fields.

In 2011, Frank was awarded an Honorary Professorship by the National Sports Academy of Bulgaria in recognition of his influence in advancement of coaching in Europe. This followed an Honorary Doctorate by Loughborough University for his contribution to coaching and coach development.

Frank’s contribution to sport and coaching has been recognised in being awarded an OBE in 1989, induction to the UK Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999 and the prestigious title “UK Sporting Hero” by Sport UK in 2001.

Workshop Information

For a number of years Dr Frank Dick OBE has been working with teams in business sharing his unique insight to coaching from his wealth of experience of coaching elite sports personalities. Frank’s workshops have helped to create a coaching climate within organisations across a variety of sectors. The coaching workshops enable managers and team members to learn practical skills which they can adopt to improve performance and develop potential.

Engaging and informative, Frank’s coaching workshops inspire and motivate people to be responsible for their own performance, their own development and the development of others. Whatever stage of our career or development, there is always a lot more to learn and the first step is acknowledging that we all need to be “coachable”. Frank highlights that we are all coaches, wherever we sit within an organisation. Managers and leaders of course have a special responsibility for the development of team members and Frank covers the styles and systems appropriate for different stages of development. Key elements Frank can cover include:

  • Characteristics of World Class Coaches
  • Coaching Styles
  • Coaching Systems
  • Teamwork – Number, Badge, You
  • High Performance

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In person prices:
£5,000 - £10,000
Price based on UK delivery
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£2,500 - £4,000
After Dinner, Business, Motivation, Olympic, Sport, Workshop
Coaching, Confidence, Goal Setting, High Performing Teams, Leadership, Mindset, Performance, Personal Development, Planning & Preparation, Psychology, Self-Belief, Strategy, Talent Development, Teamwork

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Dr Frank Dick provided a great motivating speech which really put the onus back on each one of us to decide what we wanted , how we were going to make each “moment” count and how our own personal mindsets make a huge difference in what we achieve. The audience found the speech very inspirational and have been quoting aspects of it since as they work on their own career and business plans!


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