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Dr Eliza Filby

Insightful, engaging and relevant, Dr Eliza Filby is one of the foremost experts on generations and changing values. An academic, consultant and broadcaster, Eliza works with companies from beauty companies to magic circle law firms teaching them about Generational Intelligence; how to cope with a multigenerational workforce, how to retain Millennial talent or consumer loyalty, how to get ahead with Gen Z and how to break down intergenerational barriers.

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Eliza Filby has lectured at some of the world’s leading universities including LSE, Cambridge and Harvard and leading businesses from VICE media to Barclay’s Bank.  She has presented to some of the premier business forums from the FT’s 125 Club to the Women’s Network Forum as well as the EU Forum on Human Rights and the House of Lords Select Committee. Past clients include: Barclays, Pictet Group, Business Growth Fund, Brewin Dolphin, UK’s Ministry of Defence, hotel group IHG, publishing industry bible ‘The Bookseller’, hairdressing company Toni & Guy, and Procter and Gamble.

She helps businesses get to grips not only with their younger cohorts and consumer base but also helps businesses address the ‘Generation Gap’ in their office and market: how are the different generations operating within the company and consumer sphere? and what practical things can be done to harmonise these relations and maximise this opportunity?

She received her PhD in contemporary history from the University of Warwick and published her first book, God and Mrs Thatcher in 2015. Between 2010-2014, she lectured at both Remnin University Beijing (where she taught the history of capitalism) and King’s College London where she taught, amongst other things, a history of the 1980s to those born in the 1990s. In 2014, she founded, Gradtrain, now one of the UK’s leading training companies in Higher Education.

Eliza is currently writing her next book, a history of Generations, to be published in late 2019. She has written for the major broadsheets in the UK including The Guardian, Times, Telegraph as well as reviewed for the Financial Times. She also frequently appears on the media discussing these issues from BBC News to Fox News as well as radio programmes. She is also a regular on the Sky News Evening Paper Review Show.

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Dr Eliza Filby

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