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Dr Chris Arnold

Dr Chris Arnold

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Dr Chris Arnold is a British Businessman, Author, Dr of Business & Speaker Specialising in the Fields of Creativity, Ethical Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurialism.

With over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, Chris has made significant contributions to the field as well as winning many awards. He is the Founder and Creative Partner of Creative Orchestra, the world’s first not-for-profit, Social Enterprise ad agency, and talent incubator known for its uniqueness and expertise in ethical marketing.

As a former board member and Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, Chris has held key roles in renowned agencies. He has also founded several successful ad agencies, including BLAC, FEEL and CONNECT2. Chris is a passionate advocate for ethical practices and is the author of the book “Ethical Marketing & the New Consumer.”

Chris’s insights on ethical marketing have been featured in various publications such as the FT, Creative Review, Times, and Brand Strategy magazine. He writes a blog on ethical marketing for Brand Republic and is sought after as a speaker on creativity, marketing, and ethical practices. Chris has conducted workshops and lectures worldwide, captivating audiences with his innovative ideas and opening minds to new possibilities.

In addition to his expertise in marketing, Chris embraces the concept of neurodiversity and its impact on business and creativity. As the founder of Dyversity, a global collective of high-achieving neurodiversity thinkers, Chris champions the value of diverse thinking styles, including his own experiences as a dyslexic and ADHT individual. He integrates ideas from his new book “FLIP – Unthink Everything You Know” to explore the connections between neurodiversity, creativity, ideation, and innovation.

Chris’s speaking engagements extend beyond marketing and creativity. He also addresses the importance of purpose-driven business, helping organizations navigate the path from doing good to building sustainable businesses. With his in-depth knowledge of the subject, Chris guides businesses on how to connect with consumers and deliver purpose that benefits society while driving growth.

Alongside his engagements on ethical marketing, neurodiversity, and purpose-driven business, Chris continues to explore emerging topics such as artificial intelligence (AI). He recently delivered a sold-out talk in London titled “From Creativity to Criminality,” where he covered AI, machine learning, behavioral psychology, and their implications. Chris approaches AI from the perspective of a creative thinker, exploring its integration into business structures, its impact on neurodiversity-linear thinkers, and the ethical considerations surrounding its use.

Chris’s extensive experience, combined with his dynamic speaking style and advocacy for neurodiversity, make him a sought-after speaker in the industry. Whether it’s inspiring employees to enhance their thinking abilities, guiding businesses on purpose-driven approaches, discussing the latest trends in marketing and branding, or exploring the intersection of AI and creativity, Chris’s expertise, passion, and dedication to neurodiversity make him a compelling and influential speaker and will certainly make his audience think.

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Chris was a very engaging speaker and had lots of interesting information and experiences to share. The topic was broad enough that it appealed to all. Very enjoyable and well worth attending!


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