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Dr Bart Sayle

Dr Bart Sayle is a global authority on business culture, leadership and innovation.

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A trusted advisor on vision and strategy, Bart has cracked the code on how to unleash the potential energy, power and creativity within an organisation to generate sustainable growth in people and business.

He works closely with Senior Teams of Fortune 500 companies to deliver high performance and Breakthrough Results.

A sought-after adviser, speaker, and author, Bart is known for his energising and inspiring talks around the world in which he shares his insights on culture, growth, leadership and innovation. Bart is the author of the best selling business book ‘Riding the Blue Train: A Leadership Plan for Explosive Growth’.

Bart has a kaleidoscopic background as a scientist, business leader, entrepreneur, with a lifelong interest in creativity, culture and human nature.

Bart has made this his purpose and for over 25 years has worked with 100,000 people in over 60 countries to achieve this.

Bart Sayle was able to energise and engage people, showing what everyone can do to become more open to diverse thinking and actions. He is highly inspirational and able to catch an audience by his lively performance. Martina Tkotz | Head of Global Consumer & Marketing Excellence | Bayer Consumer Care Ag
Bart helped us transform our people, our culture, and our processes, thereby helping us establish a new trajectory for business growth. William Wrigley | Jr. Chairman of The Board | President and Ceo | William Wrigley Jr. Company  

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Dr Bart Sayle

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