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Dr Andy Cope

Dr Andy Cope is a keynote speaker, best-selling author and wellbeing expert. A self-confessed ‘learning junkie’, Andy has spent two decades studying positive psychology and human flourishing.

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The reward for grinding out his Loughborough University PhD is that he gets to call himself a ‘Dr of Happiness’.

Chill! Andy gets that it’s a cheesy title but it affords him an important media platform. He’s a sought after wellbeing expert on news and radio channels. In times of rising depression and an epidemic of anxiety, Andy believes there has never been a more appropriate time to raise the happiness agenda.

Andy has been described as a ‘wellbeing revolutionary’. His mission is to change the narrative and re-focus psychology away from what’s wrong with people to what’s right. His messages act as a gentle nudge towards people taking charge of their own mental health.

The good doctor’s research feeds into his keynotes and training. Andy has worked with some very large organisations, including HSBC, Hewlett Packard, Astra Zeneca and the NHS.

His flagship session, ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, has been delivered to rave reviews all over the world. His pet themes include positivity, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, change, leadership and motivation. Andy’s talks are grounded in academia but he’s careful to remove the big words and replace them with common sense, doable principles and bags of fun.

Andy is also a prolific author (writing for Puffin, Wiley and Hodder) and his titles are frequently on the best-sellers list. ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, ‘The Happiness Revolution’ and ‘Shine’ being of particular note. Andy has also written several award-winning books for teenagers and children.

Really useful and insightful. Made me think about my own impact on team members and how I can change my approach to help inspire, motivate and encourage others with a change in my attitude.

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