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Dominic McGregor

Dominic is the co-founder of Social Chain, EY Entrepreneur of The Year winner, and is currently working with the government on social media.

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Dominic is the co-founder of Social Chain, and has achieved so much at such a young age. If the achievement of co creating global brand Social Chain isn’t enough, Dominic has since won ‘EY Entrepreneur of The Year’ which is a global programme that recognises entrepreneurial achievement of those that demonstrate vision, leadership and success. Dom has most recently been working with the Government to help with its social media strategy and gone on to create his own investment company Fearless Adventures.

He has been open about the mental health struggles he has had to fight since being at Social Chain, as his side of the story is not like the one that the company were highlighting whilst they were trying to create a place that people loved to come to everyday – somewhere that was more than just a job, a place where you could be passionate about the work you do. Dominic’s story isn’t flooded with the success and happiness that you’d expect from a company that had a slide instead of stairs. The pressures and responsibilities of running a multimillion pound global company took its toll. At age 23 he had no choice but to embrace sobriety to save his life after turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism in the Wolf of Wall Street styled corporate life he found himself in.

He has since moved away from start-ups, and is focusing on helping entrepreneurs with their own marketing and business plans. Dominic has a huge wealth of knowledge and applies this to his new investments company Fearless Adventures, which nurtures the talent and supports entrepreneurs on their journey both financially and emotionally, and helps to bring out the best of their skillset too from the lessons that he has learnt as a young entrepreneur himself.

Dom is open to speaker sessions and motivational talks regarding business and mental health regarding work environments.

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Dominic McGregor

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