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Meet Doddz, a world-renowned Augmented Reality artist, thought leader in innovation and creativity, and founder of Doddz Studio.

In Person

£2000 - £6500

Price based on UK delivery

Virtual Event

£2000 - £5000

With a multi-award-winning career that has redefined the boundaries of creativity, Doddz is widely regarded as one of the top artists in the world of AR.

His work has been featured in prestigious galleries and international landmarks, resonating with a global audience of celebrities and luxury brands.

Doddz’s expertise extends beyond his artwork. As a leading voice in the world of AR, he is committed to cultivating the next generation of creative minds through his academy.

Through Doddz Studio, he has led ground-breaking commercial AR projects that have pushed the limits of what’s possible in this exciting field.

Experience the blend of luxury and innovation in Doddz’s artistry, which unites the digital frontier with the tangible world, challenging the very essence of artistic expression.

With Doddz as your guide, you’ll embark on a journey of artistic discovery that’s sure to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide

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