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Debra Searle MBE

Debra Searle MVO MBE is a professional adventurer and serial entrepreneur. Her expeditions have taken her across the Atlantic, around Antarctica, up to the Arctic Circle and everywhere in between. 

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Debra Searle MVO MBE has an extraordinary story!  She first hit the headlines when she set out to row across the Atlantic with her husband – a 6’5” international oarsman. Unfortunately, he had to be rescued so Debra, a novice rower, continued alone without a support boat and rowed 3300 miles from Tenerife to Barbados. It should have taken them six weeks, but Debra ended up spending 3 ½ months at sea alone and unsupported, encountering 30′ waves, sharks, and force 8 squalls in her 23-foot plywood boat.

Since returning from this adventure, Debra has undertaken solo and team expeditions across the globe. She has also represented Great Britain at European and World Championship level in Dragon Boat Racing winning bronze, silver and gold medals.

Debra has spoken at well over 1100 events around the world, across every industry sector but she is more than your usual sports speaker. Debra has founded 5 companies including MIX Diversity, a Diversity & Inclusion consultancy, so is able to speak with authenticity about what it takes to succeed in business. She has presented 40 programmes for the BBC and had 3 books published. Her spirit of adventure gained her an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen and she spent 10 years on the board of a charity with two members of the Royal Family, so has great board-level experience to share. In 2023, a British newspaper listed Debra as one of the World’s Top 50 Inspirational Leaders. Debra has been appointed a Member of the Victorian Order (MVO) for her services to the Royal Family.

In 2022, Debra was ranked no.3 in the World’s Top 30 Motivational Speakers, after Simon Sinek at no.1 and Tony Robbins at no.2, making her the highest ranking female motivational speaker in the world. The movie of Debra’s solo Atlantic row is currently in development in Hollywood.

Debra’s Speech Themes:

  • Choose Your Attitude! It’s not magic: it’s mindset.
  • Practical tools to stay motivated and build resilience.
  • Wellbeing techniques to expand our ability to tolerate the challenges.
  • How to keep going when the journey only seems to be getting harder.
  • Finding a way to innovate when pushed outside our comfort zones.
  • Taking personal ownership as an individual while performing as part of a team.
  • Leading through change / Strategies for not just coping but excelling during times of adversity.
  • Women In Leadership and how to manage Unconscious/Implicit Bias.

Debra is renowned for her ability to tailor her speeches to clients’ needs. Having been trained by the BBC and spoken across every major industry including banking, tech, direct sales, healthcare and retail, she has the expertise to understand the specifics of that industry and to craft her speech accordingly. Debra combines the strategies she has used at sea and in her own businesses with the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research to demonstrate, in a highly practical way, how to profit from a positive attitude. Debra powerfully illustrates her mindset and motivational tools with slides and video footage, leaving her audience in no doubt of their own ability to achieve the extraordinary and how to be resilient to the challenges.

There is one thing that we as individuals can still have total control over – our attitude that we bring to the challenge and it is this that makes all the difference. Through an amazing experience, Debra Searle has a unique and powerful way in which she brings this point alive, in a way that people can relate to. Having worked with Debra on two separate occasions I have seen it have a very profound and thought provoking impact on people. Unilever Food Solutions
Your insights have certainly inspired the team to challenge the status quo and dig deep within, to achieve what feels like the impossible. Google
You were a HUGE hit. The sessions have been littered with references to choosing our words, our attitude and extending our comfort zone! So many of the delegates came to find me to tell me how moved and inspired they were by your story and to congratulate me on my choice of external speaker. ODEON
Her feedback scores were phenomenal – the highest ever. Her slides were the earliest we’ve ever received. She was dressed impeccably. She stayed for the entire event and even incorporated what she’d heard earlier in the sessions making it totally relevant. The most professional speaker we’ve ever booked!. LCP
The way you translated your experience into actionable day to day practices to change behaviour and get into a positive mindset is very powerful. Biogen

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