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David Clutterbuck

One of the most respected and influential management speakers on the international circuit, David Clutterbuck combines a wealth of research-based knowledge and experience with the ability to capture and hold audiences, from a handful of people to several thousand.

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Professor David Clutterbuck is one of Europe’s most respected writers and thinkers on leadership, coaching and mentoring. He has written nearly 50 books and hundreds of articles on cutting edge management themes, and was listed as one of the top 25 most influential thinkers in the field of human resources by HR magazine.

David is co-founder of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He is perhaps best-known in recent years for his work on mentoring, on which he consults around the world. David also researches, publishes and consults widely on Board performance and behaviour; and is currently investigating why succession planning so often doesn’t work. The link between these interests is the critical importance of dialogue between individuals, and between them and the organisations, in which they work.

David has helped hundreds of senior teams across the world find the Massively Difficult Questions that lead to deeper understanding of themselves and their businesses. He underlines how effective leadership is essential for team-building, collaborative working, innovation, change management and talent management.

David is visiting professor at both Sheffield Hallam University and Oxford Brookes University and is active in a charity he co-founded to develop new ways of using mentoring-style approaches to support young people with learning or social disabilities. He has the rare ability to make complex topics simple, but not simplistic. He demonstrates a high level of cultural sensitivity, which enables him to work in a wide range of cultures and contexts.

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David Clutterbuck

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