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Darrell Woodman

Darrell Woodman is a trainer and Director of Art of Brilliance Ltd. He was plucked from a leadership role within media, where he spent time (and blood, sweat and tears) helping develop talent in the media industry.

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Instilling positivity, confidence and self-belief has been a major factor in his coaching of people and teams from radio stations in Sheffield, Hull and Wolverhampton (he likes the glamorous locations). Darrell has many proud moments in his career, but none more so than seeing individuals achieving and feeling greatness – greatness which has been recognised by numerous prestigious radio awards.

Darrell is married with 2 wonderful boys and his lifetime goal (apart from being the best Dad on the planet) is to inspire millions of people across the world. Darrell joined the ‘brilliant’ team in 2011 working with businesses such as Ernst & Young, National Grid and Astra Zeneca as well as numerous NHS regions, Schools and other public sector organisations.

Darrell has immersed himself in the ‘brilliant’ philosophy and is now a boffin in areas of positivity, happiness, wellbeing and flourishing…well he now has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, which makes him sound like a boffin!

Darrell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as his core values of simplicity, energy and fun. He is also the co-author of the best-selling book ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager’ (Capstone 2014).

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Darrell Woodman

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