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Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet

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Daniel is one of the best known ‘autistic savants’ – the condition portrayed in Rainman. He battled to learn the skills that others take for granted (like the ability to look someone in the eye), but he speaks a dozen languages and calculates extraordinary sums. 

At the age of 25, after years of epileptic seizures, atypical behaviour and staggering academic performance, Tammet was finally diagnosed with high-functioning autistic savant syndrome. The same year, on March 14, Tammet came to public attention when he recited the mathematical constant Pi (3.141…) from memory to 22,514 decimal places in 5 hours, 9 minutes, without error. The recitation, at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, set a European record.

Talking from his own extra-ordinary experiences, Daniel argues that by viewing the world in a different way, can lead to opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. He also talks about his own experiences of coping with autism, describing what it’s taught him about people and the world.

Tammet is also the author of Born on a Blue Day, subtitled ‘A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mind’, which was published in 2006 and became a Sunday Times bestseller.

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