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Clive Branson

After serving three years in the Royal Air Force, Clive spent seventeen years with the Ministry of Defence. Working in Industrial Relations, he gained qualifications in employment law and occupational health and safety. However, the one area that Clive continually studied and ultimately excelled in is the human condition. 

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Back in 2017, a series of earth-shattering events began to unfold, that was to change the course of Clive’s life forever. His father was suffering from Parkinsons disease and Dementia, and he passed away the following year. A referral to Oxford Hospital resulted in Clive being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and shortly afterwards, a routine blood test discovered that Clive was also suffering from stage two Prostate Cancer. 

An ordinarily confident, positive and determined family man, very quickly succumbed to acute anxiety and vivid fear of the outside world. Ten weeks in psychiatric hospital followed, and on his return home, the realisation dawned that he had lost his income, his confidence, but crucially his identity. 

In addition, Clive’s mother passed away suddenly from complications in hospital during Covid which further left Clive and his family in a distraught and troubling time. Clive now views the world through a different lens, and points out that “You only live once!” is actually incorrect, “You only die once, and you get to live life every single day!” 

Motivation v’s Inspiration: Both of these thought provoking words are understandably linked together, but are in fact quite different.

  • Motivation invokes action, and is extremely empowering. When its true intention is received, it enables positive action.
  • Inspiration comes from an all together different place. It is in fact spiritual, and has the ability to awaken your senses and connect with your soul.

Clive is determined to share his story and actively demonstrate the power of positivity and self-belief, leaving audiences feeling inspired, and with practical tips to take away to implement to their lives. 

Clive’s personal story so far, has presented him with an incredible opportunity. He has the lived experience, authenticity and brutal honesty, combined with the absolute determination to share his story. Therefore, his “title” as an Inspirational Speaker, is one he takes very seriously. The talks he delivers come from his heart, and are designed to reach the hearts of his audience.

This personal connection, with a sprinkle of humour, generates genuine inspiration, leaving Clive feeling privileged and grateful!

Clive delivered a virtual session for our organisation on Thursday 25 May 2023. Everyone was so inspired by his story and message, which were delivered with passion and a sprinkling of humour. It’s clear how enthusiastic Clive is about mental health awareness and the importance of a positive mindset and we thank him for coming to talk to us. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an inspirational individual to spark important conversations in the workplace and beyond! Bionical Emas
It was an honour hosting Clive at our Showcase. The feedback has been phenomenal. He certainly ticked all the boxes where inspiration & motivation are concerned. Thank you very much for sharing your real-life story and the courage, versatility and attitude you’ve shown all the way through your life. Most encouraging indeed. MK Viva UK Network

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Clive Branson

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