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Chris Lovett

Chris Lovett is a TED speaker, simplicity expert, disruptive thought leader, renowned executive coach and author of the bestselling book Discovery of Less. 

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In a world full of overconsumption, overwork and overwhelm, Chris Lovett’s simple approach to fast paced modern life has injected some much needed hope back into peoples careers. As one of the leading voices in the less is more minimalist movement, Chris has become an in-demand talent, deploying his now beloved authenticity, thought provocation and wit in supporting individuals and teams to increase impact, sustainable performance and fulfilment with his progressive approach to positive culture change and simplicity.

As the UK’s only motivational speaker on simplicity, he is quickly becoming the antidote to the to-do list treadmill, toxic hustle, complexity and burnout cultures rapidly sweeping through businesses, keeping potential talent stuck under the weight of busy-ness.

His progressive thought leadership has been labelled as ‘inspiring yet practical’, ‘remarkably insightful’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘a breath of fresh air’ and has been featured on mainstream platforms such as LifeHack, Marie Claire & HR Magazine. Through his experiments and storytelling, Chris has inspired people around the world to implement transformative habits in their personal and professional worlds through his appearances on global chart topping podcasts such as The Self Care Club, Private Parts, Law of Attraction Changed My Life and Power Hour.

Chris has also supported large scale leadership, change, career and wellbeing strategies in organisations such as NatWest, PwC, NSPCC, Ulster Bank, Barclays, Sainsburys and LV= Insurance as well as appearing at premier business and wellness events such as The Mindful Living Show with Russell Brand and Ruby Wax. His humour and warmth have helped teams achieve new heights by letting go of imposter syndrome, traditional workplace rules and urgency attachment.

The world has changed. Business as usual is now business as unusual. The ‘always on’ view of success is being challenged by employees, unions and governments. Customers are seeing through the more more more approach to sustainable progress. A new normal is required and the answer to achieving unique modern success in an ever changing landscape starts by fine tuning the ability to simplify, experiment and let go. Work smarter, not harder.

“Inspiring yet practical, it’s a compelling argument to assess life in the context of getting more, by adopting a philosophy of ‘simple and less’. A great contribution to the area of personal improvement.” – World Leading Psychologist Jamil Qureshi
“At last a voice of reason! Chris delivers a perfectly balanced view of why we need less in our lives and how to let go of stories and assumptions. Peeling back the layers of why we fill our lives with so much to do and how we can free ourselves from its burden was a revelation, even potentially life saving. Our team culture will forever be changed for the better.” – Dawn W (NatWest)
“Chris Lovett offers a remarkably insightful look into what one can accomplish by disrupting our view of more, and the discovery of less. Bravo!” – Thinkers50 Thinker & Author Whitney Johnson

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