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Chris Brown

Chris is the host of the award-winning podcast, My Argument With Grief. He is also a Co-Founder of WASP, the campaign for Workplace Awareness of Suicide Prevention.

In Person

£1500 - £3500

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Virtual Event

£1000 - £3000

Chris focuses on talking to companies and organisations about mental health awareness, neurodiversity and suicide prevention.

Chris has a 33 year career in commerce behind him, working at board level for blue chip companies including the Bank of England and Atos. His career path was major programme delivery and he was most recently Head of Programmes and Projects for Worldline, the multinational payments provider.

A respected trouble-shooter, known for rescuing failing delivery operations, Chris now focuses on supporting companies with their neurodiversity, mental health and suicide awareness approaches, using his heartfelt experiences to make it a very personal and relatable story.


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Chris Brown

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