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Chemmy Alcott

Behind the engaging smile and charismatic personality, Chemmy Alcott is a fiercely determined and courageous sportswoman. Yes, she’s a gifted skier, but it’s taken far more than raw talent for Alcott to have reached the position where she’s more than competitive with the world’s elite skiers in the World Cup series.

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At just eighteen months old she received her first pair of skis, beginning racing at the tender age of  3, before moving onto competitive racing aged just eight. Although Chemmy is an extremely naturally gifted skier, it’s taken far more than just raw talent for her to reach the heights of world number eight. She is regarded as one of the most enthusiastic and hard working females in the sport, which has gained her many admirers, in particular, the respect of her fellow skiers.

Away from skiing Chemmy is heavily involved with the media. Having first appeared on Blue Peter as a child she’s gone on to appear for ESPN, Sky Sports, BBC and Eurosport. She’s also had huge success demonstrating her analytical side writing articles for the Daily Telegraph. More recently Chemmy has triumphed on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, having lasted an impressive 10 weeks on the massively popular BBC show.

Chemmy’s successful career and charismatic personality have led to her becoming a popular speaker. She’s a perfect fit for personal appearances, motivational speaking, or if you’re seeking a warm, honest person to host an awards ceremony.

Chemmy came and talked at our event hosted in the Oxford Union. With an audience of over 300 sportsmen and women from various backgrounds, she delivered an enthusiastic, enticing and overall exciting talk about her time skiing. Most importantly Chemmy showed us how perseverance, determination and an indomitable spirit can overcome even the biggest adversities. Furthermore Chemmy provided heartfelt, witty and insightful comments.

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Chemmy Alcott

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