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Calum Chace

Calum Chace is a sought-after speaker and best-selling writer on artificial intelligence.  He focuses on the medium and long-term impact of AI on all of us as individuals, societies and economies. 

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His books include The Economic Singularity, about the prospect of widespread technological unemployment, Surviving AI, about the likelihood of strong AI and superintelligence, and Pandora’s Brain, a techno-thriller about the first superintelligence.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Calum had a 30-year career in journalism and business, in which he was a marketer, a strategy consultant and a CEO.  He maintains his interest in business by serving as chairman and coach for a selection of growing companies.  In 2000 he co-wrote The Internet Startup Bible, a business best-seller published by Random House.

He is a regular speaker on artificial intelligence and related technologies and runs a blog on the subject.

A long time ago, Calum studied philosophy at Oxford University, where he discovered that the science fiction he had been reading since boyhood was actually philosophy in fancy dress.

I invited Calum to London Business School to give a talk about about artificial intelligence, and its consequences for the business world. The presentation was really engaging, including not only possible impacts on the economy, but also potential solutions. Calum is a great speaker and has a deep understanding of AI, which allows him to present the matter in a completely new light.

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