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Belinda Parmar OBE

Belinda Parmar OBE

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Belinda Parmar OBE is a keynote speaker focusing on three areas that are shaping the business world: inclusion, empathy and technology.

The world of work is changing forever and leaders have had little time to adapt to this change. Less than 20% of us want working life to return to how it was pre-Covid. Work for many, was based on traditional male values and the ‘old boys club’ and many women felt they did not belong. Empathy has become more important than ever. Covid 19 gives us the opportunity to reset the world of work and redress the imbalance and make it work for both men and women.

Leaders must now focus on the whole aspects of women’s lives, their mental well- being and  manage the blurring of  our home and work life. This speech demonstrates how some of the biggest companies in the world are adapting to our new world  and gives practical ‘nudges’ for those leaders who want to be pioneers of the human revolution.

 Before running The Empathy Business, Belinda was the founder and CEO of Lady Geek, an award winning company that aimed to change the way tech was sold to women and inspire more women to become tech pioneers.  Belinda’s experience of running a gender focused company led her to the conclusion that gender can shut down a conversation, but empathy can open it up to everyone.

Belinda is the creator of the Global Empathy Index, featured in the Harvard Business Review and Belinda speaks at Davos for the World Economic Forum. Belinda was voted one of the top global public diversity figures in Nov 2020 alongside Kamala Harris.

Belinda currently works with some of the world’s most complex companies in the world including Barclays, Facebook, Aston Martin and British Gas.

By the end of this talk, leaders will be able to:


  1. Learn from Belinda’s journey as to why empathy is more inclusive than gender initiatives.
  2. Understand the power of empathy at work & distinguish it from sympathy.
  3. Have real tangible examples of how leaders can increase belonging and empathy for women and diverse groups.


Workshop Information

Hostage Negotiation Workshops

This workshop is a practical, intense, hands-on session to dispel myths around empathy. It tests individual empathy skills in extreme conflict scenarios. Developing empathy skills with people you like or that are similar to you is easy and this workshop is about pushing your empathy skills in times of extreme conflict, in stressful situations, with those who are different from you. This workshop works extremely well with front-line teams, complaints teams, customer support, sales teams, company branch workers…anyone who has to deal with customers or conflict on a regular basis. This workshop will give you practical tips to cope better with the daily stresses of work.

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In person prices:
£5,000 - £6,000
Price based on UK delivery
Virtual Event prices:
£3,000 - £4,000
Business, Diversity & Inclusion, Motivation
Artificial Intelligence, Change, Data, Innovation, Inspirational, Leadership, Millennial, Women in Business

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Every organisation and leader would benefit from the challenging business insight Belinda delivered. It made me realise how desensitised I’d become to the ‘norms of communication.’ It also took behavioural economics to a new level.


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