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Andy Torbet

Andy Torbet

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From his old job in the British Army to his new work as a professional underwater explorer, cave diver, wingsuit skydiver, climber and presenting some of the most extreme adventures on TV, Andy Torbet is an expert in high-risk situations and how to cope with them.

Andy spent 10 years in the British Forces as a Paratrooper, Diver and Bomb Disposal Officer, including serving with the Airborne Brigade, the Army’s Underwater Bomb Disposal Team and the Maritime Counter Terrorist Group.

But the risks and extreme conditions are merely obstacles to be overcome in order to carry on with the work at hand. From cave diving in ice caves in sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic to bio-sampling during a 28,000-foot skydive, Andy’s work has required him to overcome considerable dangers, environments and problems to get the job done.

With Andy’s unique skill and knowledge set, he is a brilliant and experienced speaker. Drawing on his experiences as a soldier and bomb disposal officer on operations and as a diver, climber and adventurer, Andy’s corporate and motivational presentations cover a variety of topics. He shares his personal thoughts and techniques on how he deals with fear, and why fear it is just another tool that, if used correctly, can actually be a benefit.

Andy regularly speaks on his adventures for businesses, conferences, clubs, schools and more. He is a well-known face on TV and has previously appeared on BBC’s The One Show, The People Remember, Cloud Lab, Landward, Coast and Operation Iceberg.

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Andy was absolutely brilliant and really helped the conference. He was inspiring and so interesting, he captured everyone’s attention and had some really good, strong motivational statements. He really got us all thinking.


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